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Trusted by the top sales professionals at leading startups, scale-ups and magic quadrant companies all over the world.


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We Use Creative idea for your future success

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Stress & Anxiety


Say they feel stressed out and anxious at work.

56% feel they cannot talk to their sales managers about work related stress*

Sales Targets

1 in 2*

Sales professionals fail to achieve their sales targets/quota.

What are Sales Leaders doing to develop a winning sales culture in the organization?

*Studies by The Institute of Sales Management, The Bridge Group & Objective Management Group Inc.

Why sales managers / directors don’t coach.

They don’t know how to

Most sales managers focus just on selling. If they see something going wrong in a sale and they step in to “fix” the problem for their sales rep.

They don’t get the value of coaching

They leave inexperienced sales people to sink or swim on their own, expecting their reps to pick up good techniques through osmosis, just like them. They will hire and fire.

They don’t have the time

With so many distractions, developmental coaching ia s a low priority. They haven’t observed the salesperson selling, or helped during the sales process, so when a sales rep is 75% of quota, they’re not sure why

Let’s ring the sales bell….*DING DING*

Imagine a proven coaching programme that will help you close more enterprise software, SaaS and professional services deals than ever before….accurately and with predictable, consistently.

Become the #1 top earner!

Stop struggling. Leave all the stress & insecurity behind. When you transform your software & SaaS sales process with a complete, proven framework, innovative strategies, automation tools + some ‘MAGIC’ from someone with the gift to inspire you, something awesome happens.

Introducing the Bell Rings Sales Acceleration Coaching & Mentorship Programme by Mohammad Irfan

Client Reviews

Mohammad’s training helped me close the largest ever software deal in our company’s history, just as our President was in town. I rang the sales bell and felt do proud in front of my colleagues.”

Victor Almalm

Senior Business Development Manager

“I had to tell you, Mohammad, that the sheer value I got from your coaching is amazing. Especially the strategies around prospecting are amazing for me as an Enterprise SaaS Seller.”

Danny Higdon

Enterprise Account Executive

“Mohammad is the best mentor and coach I have come across. He has shown me a repeatable process to close complex software deals and the results I have experienced will enable me to hit my annual target by Q3 itself.”

Azra Syed

Senior Sales Executive

The Bell Rings Sales Acceleration Blueprint

Sales transformation through 1-2-1 Coaching & Mentorship


Software Sales Skills


Attitude: Winning DNA


Sales Process

An inspirational software & SaaS sales coach & mentor

Award-winning & celebrated

Top revenue contributor for US and UK software firms since 2001. Global sales leader for the last 10 years, developing high-performance sales teams to crush quota across EMEA – consistently.

$22 million in software & SaaS Sales

Teams that I have coached and mentored are closing over 300 deals per day. Several sales professionals I have managed and coached have broken company records for $ closed and secured their financial future.

A unique gift to inspire others

I am passionate about becoming a stakeholder in your success. I will work with you in the trenches on your current pipeline opps. I will hold you to account and give you a complete software/SaaS sales playbook that will make you a habitual WINNER.

Take a look at what’s included and how you will benefit.

4, Intensive and engaging 1-2-1 ZOOM sessions

Four, 90-Minute ZOOM Sessions

One (1) Weekly 1-2-1, 90-minute ZOOM session(That’s 4 personal 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions in total) to go through the Bell Rings Sales Acceleration Blueprint in detail.

We will work hand-in-hand to examine your existing sales opportunities and each component of the Bell Rings Sales Opportunity Framework so you know exactly what to do to to reduce deal risk. I will show you how to apply proven strategies to help to convert those deals to CLOSED-WON.

We will review what you have been applying and overcome any hurdles you come across. You will rely on a proven, repeatable sales process that will ensure you are a habitual WINNER.

Anatomy & DNA of a successful software/SaaS Sales Professional

A winning attitude

We will examine how you see your role and how to instil personal accountability and discipline in your routine. We cover ‘personal positioning’ and you will discover a newfound ‘fire your belly’.

It’s all about creating ‘value’

Creating a rapport with clients is great. Creating value with customers pays. We will explore how to capture mindshare with prospects and but also how you can become valuable to them – compelling them to buy.

4 Best pieces of advice – EVER!

I am going to share four pieces of advice that you will hold close to heart throughout your sales career. Following this ‘golden’ advice will propel you to scale new heights of sales success with financial gain. You’ll see your conversion rates skyrocket.

The Bell Rings sales opportunity framework & pipeline management

Reduce risk, close more deals

You will learn a complete, proven and repeatable sales acceleration ‘blueprint’ to help you win more software, SaaS and services deals.

Creating a rapport with clients is great. Creating value with customers pays. We will explore how to capture mindshare with prospects and but also how you can become valuable to them – compelling them to buy.

4x pipeline, predictable commissions

Your sales pipeline will bulge with highly qualified opportunities 4x your target/quota. You will be able to tangibly measure your chances of winning a deal, so you will remain focused on the opportunities will pay you commissions, bonuses, accelerators & kickers

Sales funnel optimization & automation

Sales Funnel Optimization

We will cover each component of the B2B software/SaaS sales funnel. From prospecting, opportunity qualification, demos, proposals, negotiation and right through to contract signature. You’re going to be a rockstar at each level, which a special emphasis on prospecting – this truly separates the #1 earners who smash quota consistently from the other sales pros.

$22 million in software & SaaS Sales

will personally take you through the most awesome, latest sales tools and resources to automate aspects of the Bell Rings Sales Acceleration Blueprint. Templates, guides and strategies that prove themselves in the toughest real-world sales scenarios that you will relate to and be able to use immediately. The most exciting aspect will be how to use LinkedIn for Social Selling and prospecting like a champion, even while you sleep!


What will your sales transformation look like?

You’re going to be thinking differently and operating differently from the very first session itself. When you’re working on your software/SaaS sales opportunities differently, the results will be nothing like the status quo.

The #1 Sales Acceleration Programme

Developed specifically for B2B Enterprise Software & SaaS Sales Professionals

Your targets/quota

Sales targets become a nonissue as you crush them consistently and RING THE BELL!

Be in demand

Your calendar is jammed with meetings with prospects who are keener than ever.

Pipeline magic

Your sales pipeline will be on steroids. Always full – easily 4-6x your sales quota/target.

Compelling demos

Demo to WIN. Your demos will razor-sharp in focus and will keep your prospects hooked.

Winning proposals

Send out more proposals to prospects have been chasing you – ready to engage and buy

Larger deal values

Your average software and SaaS deal value climbs. No more reliance insane discounting.

Shorter sales cycles

Slash your typical sales cycle. Your repeatable process will help you close complex deals quicker.

Sales Funnel Automation

Make traditionally time-intensive activities easier than ever with intelligent automation tools.

Real work-life balance

You’re a rockstar at home and at work. You’ll be financially secure and have more time for the family

Your inspirational software sales coach & mentor

Your inspirational software sales coach & mentor

  • 8 successive years of >115%+ achievement against target/quota across EMEA.
  • Closed over $22 million in software & SaaS revenue.
  • Global Business Excellence Award Winner 2010
  • Taken 4 SaaS solutions to market in new regions with zero client references.
  • First-man-in region twice and catalyst for the establishment of 5 new sales offices.

Global Sales Leadership

  • Managed teams of up to 17 sales reps across EMEA
  • Broken company records for highest deal values for 4 successive years.
  • Taken 4 solutions to market from a zero base
  • Teams closing 300+ deals per day, globally
  • CEOs Circle of Excellence – Hawaii & Bahamas
  • Coached top performing sales reps in two regions.
  • Maintained sales team performance in 14 sales KPIs for 4 successive years
  • Took startup tech firms through 4 acquisitions
  • Improved sales conversions by 60%
  • Coached sales reps to build 4x pipelines in less than
    120 days